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New Repair Service Prolongs Use of Shoes and Handbags

BOSTON, Massachusetts, August, 2023 - Coblrshop, a new tech startup founded by former Sales Exec at Uber and COO of Sling (acquired by Toast), Leslie Bateman and Emily Watts, makes luxury shoe and handbag repair easier, faster and more convenient. The company aims to revive the artisan craft of repair while prolonging the life of shoes and handbags to keep them out of landfill.

The footwear industry, said to be responsible for 1.4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, produces 22 billion new pairs of shoes annually. In the United States alone, 3000 million pairs are thrown away each year and can take anywhere from 20 - 1000 years to decompose. While a small percentage of shoes are currently being recycled, repair is exponentially the more sustainable option.

“The problem is that repair has not been the easy option, especially compared to the immediate satisfaction of an online order, or the rush of getting a new item on sale.” says CEO and cofounder Leslie Bateman, “At Coblrshop our goal is to modernize repair and to throw away throwaway culture.”

With Coblrshop, access to a skilled cobbler is only a click away. Customers can order the service they need online, then ship off their shoes for repair with an included recyclable bag and prepaid label. In the 1920s there were upwards of 100,000 cobblers in the United States, now there are less than 4,000. Through worker-training programs, Coblrshop’s goal is to rebuild a dying artform, empower the next generation of cobblers, and provide customers with a line of sight to the artisan who repaired their shoes.

The company stands apart from other aftercare ventures in its centralized strategy, based in New England, that’s designed for more efficient operations management and repair order tracking. By cultivating a seamless, customer-friendly user experience complete with price transparency, faster turn-around times, and exceptional customer service, Coblrshop plans to normalize shoe and handbag repair so consumers can make more sustainable fashion choices. Coblrshop also supports the vintage and resale market in its ability to refurbish and revive preloved goods.

Coblrshop services include full repairs for women's and men's shoes, boots and handbags, as well as smaller à la carte options, such as heel replacement, leather recolor, restoration and cleaning. There are also plans to expand services to sneakers and other leather goods.

About Coblrshop

Coblrshop is a female-founded, Boston-based startup on a mission to make repair the first choice over buying new. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of the footwear industry, while inspiring a cultural shift that values the care and maintenance of fashion goods. For more information, visit or follow on instagram, facebook or tiktok.



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