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Inspired by the multifaceted roles of the modern woman, Tercette fuses style and sustainability with every-day function

PORTLAND, Oregon, October, 2023 - Emerging sustainable womenswear label, Tercette, has announced the release of a sustainable yak wool capsule featuring apparel, accessories and home goods that are as soft as cashmere, but more lightweight, breathable and luxurious.

Founded in 2023 by Alice Wang and Jenny Nieh, two mom friends who met at the playground in Portland’s Pearl District during Covid, Tercette speaks to the adaptability and multi-faceted responsibilities of the modern woman. Each style is thoughtfully designed to be indulgent to the touch, yet practical enough for everyday wear.

“After having my son, I wanted to work on something that I believed in wholeheartedly, where every minute spent away from him was to do something meaningful”, says Tercette co-founder, Alice Wang who left her job in tech shortly after the pandemic to take care of her infant son. Along with co-founder and Art Director, Jenny Nieh, who in a former life, masterfully created art work and designs for Anthropologie, both women acknowledge that the transition into motherhood, amid global crisis, changed them profoundly, “Through Tercette I can reclaim a little bit of myself. The need to feel creative, to evolve. I think that's what brought Alice and I together,” Jenny Nieh said.

Highlights from the Tercette collection include the sweater equivalent of a seasonless little black dress, that is light enough for layering, yet thick enough to be bra (or no bra) friendly, with fitted neckline; a structured turtleneck sweater with effortless standing collar and slim sleeve openings designed to stay up when you’re multitasking, that’s made with Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified yarn; and an undyed unisex cable knit sweater providing the perfect put-together look that’s comfortably soft and chunky, like a favorite blanket. The collection also includes an oversized woven cocoon scarf and knit throw blanket in the brand’s signature undyed, yak wool, which is naturally biodegradable.

Made in a fully traceable supply chain, from fiber source to finished garment, each Tercette product is spun and knit in China from yak wool sourced directly from traditional herding communities in Tibet, Qinghai, and Sichuan. While the demand for cashmere has led to land desertification in specific areas of Mongolia, Yak wool, a superior alternative, promotes biodiversity as yaks graze the top of plants, instead of pulling the roots. The use of yak wool also safeguards the wellbeing and traditional way of life for nomadic herders. Through the brand’s supplier partner network, 280 acres of once degraded Grasslands have been restored in just the last two years.

“Yak wool is such a hidden gem—200 times rarer than cashmere—soft and luxurious yet functional in its warmth, breathability and durability,” says Alice Wang. “We are also proud of our supplier, who has dedicated twenty years of her life to working with yak herding communities in Tibet and giving back to the land.”

A natural ‘performance fiber’, yak wool’s antimicrobial properties reduce odor, and the frequency of washing, with moisture wicking features that keep fibers dry. Yak wool is also more durable than most other wool fibers and it’s 30% warmer than sheep's wool. In addition to being the sustainable alternative to cashmere, yak wool is also 120% more breathable.

“It is a blessing to have the opportunity to work with a material from an animal loved and respected by the people taking care of these animals,” says Jenny Nieh, “And to then wear it every day and feel uplifted by this beautifully warm natural fiber, we're very grateful.”

The Tercette collection is available on and ships to the U.S. and Canada.


Tercette was established in 2023 in Portland, Oregon by Alice Wang and Jenny Nieh. Having both experienced significant life changes, the two found themselves constantly shifting between the competing roles of being new mothers, wives, and professional women, all while searching for a sense of balance in an ever-changing array of responsibilities. Feeling put together seemed far too often to come at the expense of comfort and function.

It was during this transformative period that they uncovered the remarkable potential of yak wool – a sustainable fiber that enabled them to create indulgent yet practical knits. Fueled by passion and drawing from their extensive collective experience, Alice and Jenny set out to design a collection that thoughtfully caters to the needs of the modern woman and her multifaceted roles in life.

These wardrobe staples harmonize function, style, and sustainability - reminding women to introduce a touch of everyday luxury into all of life's moments.

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